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Disability Sport & Recreation Hawke's Bay


Disability Sport and Recreation Hawke’s Bay enables people to participate, connect and most importantly, have fun, through sport and active recreational activities.

Our mission is to provide and promote positive outcomes for people with disabilities.

We work directly with many stakeholders including community organisations, New Zealand sporting associations, local government and partners to achieve our mission.

Become a member

Benefits include:

  • Ability to participate in planned regular sports and recreational activities at no or little cost

  • Funding support for physically disabled young people to attend Halberg Games

  • Connection with other disabled people and their families

  • Friendship and support in an environment of sport and active recreational activities

  • Exposure to new sport and recreation activities.

Membership is $10/year per member/family.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to:

  • Encourage and support participation in sport and recreation in Hawke’s Bay

  • Promote the interests and welfare of disabled people wanting to participate in active recreation and sport

  • Support disabled athletes and teams

  • Provide programmes and services to Members including Para sports, adaptive equipment, as well as play and active recreation programmes.

Our supporters

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters and sponsors for your ongoing support.

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